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Founded in 1993, in Póvoa de Lanhoso, a village with more than 2,000 years of goldsmithing history, Inês Barbosa is a company that has tradition as its pillar, executing unique pieces where time, memory and artisan merge. Based on the experience of its founder, 5th generation of a family of goldsmiths, the company produces, more than jewels, pieces of history, art and culture.


Its vision is to preserve art and its techniques combined with technological innovation, creatively innovate in designs and offer the most beautiful jewellery. Each jewel is handcrafted by a team of experienced craftsmen with the perfect alliance between traditional techniques and contemporary design. All the knowledge acquired is visible in the delicacy of the jewels, where excellence is made in the small details, the finest filigree and the delicacy of the grain.


The finest and most beautiful filigree in the world is based on the lightness and excellence of detail in Inês Barbosa jewels.



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A Fundadora



Inês Barbosa LDA was born from the dream and passion of a young woman to create unique jewellery through an art so close to her heart, the Portuguese Jewellery. The founder had her first contact with art at the age of 13 in her father’s jewellery manufacturing workshop. At her father’s request, she starts helping out with small tasks, but quickly becomes her right-hand man. With the desire to pursue and honor his family heritage, he founded, in 1993, his own Portuguese jewellery manufacturing company, with a special focus on the art of filigree and granulation, which has over 25 years of existence, 40 years of experience of work and centuries of transmitted knowledge.


Since then he has seen his work and effort recognized through contributions to publications about the Portuguese Goldsmithery, the invitation of TV channels to show and promote the Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithery and, more recently, the recognition as Master of Excellence in the art and technique of filigree by Luxury Design Craftsmanship Summit 2019.



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The brands



The company is constituted by the brand Inês Barbosa – Portuguese Goldsmithery and the brand NANA – Portuguese Goldsmithery.


The Inês Barbosa brand is dedicated to 19.2k gold jewellery handcrafted using 100% manual techniques, which result in unique and timeless jewellery. The portfolio is vast, from iconic jewels from the Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithery, the recreation of historical pieces, to unique jewels with a modern design. In common they have the lightness, delicacy and excellence of detail and handcraft of Inês Barbosa jewellery. Its vision is to preserve the art and its techniques, maintaining 100% manual manufacture.


The Nana brand focuses essentially on new trends, in the manufacture of 925 Silver jewellery with a modern design. Inspired by the ancient techniques of Portuguese jewellery, with her jewels, she intends to make the younger people aware of the tradition of Portuguese jewellery and culture. The range of modern collections, inspired by themes such as nature and geometry, demystifies the idea that filigree and granulation jewellery, the jewels of our culture, are only for the elderly.



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Goldsmithery is an ancient art, transmitted from generation to generation, of working gold or silver, through techniques such as filigree and granulation. Its manual processes require craftsmen to work with great dexterity and attention to detail, a perfection that requires years of experience and dedication.
Goldsmithery and its techniques are traceable to the Greco-Roman civilization and allegedly brought by the ancient Phoenicians. The manufacture, history, tradition and use of filigree and granulation are rooted in Portugal, especially in the northern region of the country. The manufacturing tradition essentially persists in two major places, one of which is Póvoa de Lanhoso, Terra do Ouro.


Currently, there is a rejuvenation of the art of filigree, the result of an increase in demand for filigree jewellery, the modernization of models and the appreciation for the technical craftsmanship and art of filigree and granulatation.



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Never separated from the roots of filigree and granulation, there is a continual search for design innovation. The perfected technique, the years of experience and knowledge transmitted, allow the execution of any design or special request, combining new trends with tradition.


Creativity has no limits and the artisan has all the tools to turn the unimaginable into a unique jewel. Inspired by the nature and organic of materials, symbology and abstraction, art and geometry, tradition and the contemporary, they seek to inspire and demystify the idea that filigree and grainy jewelry, the jewels of our culture, are just for the elderly.



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